If you guys are removing the back plate of the Kuhler and you've used the double sided adhesive tape, to remove it please use the following:

  • Heat Gun or Blower
  • Prying tool like a small flat head screw driver, small knife/blade (make sure not to damage your motherboard)
  • Dental Floss
  • Cleaning Alcohol to clean the remaining adhesive

Please do not damage your motherboard by forcing to remove the back plate AND DON'T BE A GUNG HO AND USE A DREMEL just because the back plate could not be removed. It's better to damage the plastic back plate, just don't damage your motherboard!!!


If you have an issue with your system and we are not available during the weekend, please bring it to a professional technician to help you. Other wise, submit a ticket and it can wait once we get back from work Monday to Friday.

Thank You