This is a guide on how to remove the front panel for the P100 Enclosure. Purpose of this solution is to show customers easy access on installing 2 x 120mm front fans, front panel troubleshooting (USB, Audio, Power connectors, etc.) or installing 5.25 device on the case.

Before removing the front panel, please remove the side panels (Left and Right) by removing the thumbscrews

Left side panel as shown on this picture

Right side panel as shown on this picture

Once you've securely removed the side panels, look inside the case and towards the front, you'll see total of 4 screws that's holding the front panel of the case (2 x left and 2 x right) remove these screws by using a Philips screw

Upper Screw as shown on photo below

And lower Screw as show on the picture below

Do the same on the opposite side.

Once the screws are removed, put the screws aside and make sure you don't loose them

There are 6 plastic tabs that's holding the front panel (3 x left side and 3 x right side)

Using a screw driver, gently pry these tabs

Middle tab

Bottom tab

Do the same on the opposite side.

Once the tabs has been properly release, you can pry out the front panel

Once the front panel is removed, you should have easy access on installing the fans, installing 5.25 device or just replacing your front panels of the P100 case

This is a photo of the rear of the front panel, as you can see, there are some screws that's holding the USB hub, Audio and you can access the power switch, power LED, etc.

When putting back the front panel back, make sure that the wiring for the front ports and front panel connectors are routed on the small opening on top of the case.

Putting back the front panel is really easy, just secure the plastic tabs first and once they are properly mounted, secure the front panel with the 4 x screws.

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Thank You