It has recently been brought to our attention that there are a couple parts on the P380 enclosure that are not mentioned in the user manual, which could be quite concerning. If you refer to the pictures below, the two "mystery parts" are explained.

The above part can be found behind the right side panel of the P380. This part is a fan hub, in which you can connect 6 3-pin fan connectors to all be powered by the same Molex connector, allowing for much cleaner cable management. Please be advised that this hub does not support the 4-pin PWM Fans.

 Two of the three above connectors are self-explanatory. However, the third molex connector with only two pins has caused some customers quite a bit of confusion. The connectors shown here are completely separate from the cables coming from the front panel. These are all attached to the power/reset button assemblies. The power and reset switches are wired into the left side switch hub on the chassis to be powered by the motherboard. The molex connector serves as a bridge to provide power to the power/reset switch on the right side of the case, thus allowing you to turn your case on/off and reset it from either side of the chassis.

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