According to the data sheet we found from Seagate, it appears as though the Desktop drives use the standard mounting layout: (Page 18) The measurements on the data sheet are in inches.

I have measured the drive tray for the P280/P100 and the mounting aligns with the holes on the drive. Another option would be to use the Eleven Hundred, since that uses drive rails that mount on the side of the drives. I have confirmed that the pins for the drives are 4" apart, which matches the holes on the Desktop drives.

However, the mounting alignment for the Seagate 6TB - 8TB NAS, Archive and Surveillance Drives is different for the 4 bottom mounting holes. Those holes are 3" apart vertically and 4" apart horizontally, and we do not carry a tray that will support it. It does, however, have side mounting holes 4" apart from each other which matches the rails from the Eleven Hundred. Page 23

Based on my research, I have found that the Standard Desktop Drives will mount properly in any of our cases - there is no proprietary mounting alignment that has been changed at all here.

As for all of the other Seagate 8TB drives, they are only supported by the following enclosures:

Antec One

Eleven Hundred

Altas 550

Three Hundred (No rails or trays, screws directly into drive cage)

Nine Hundred/V3

Nine Hundred Two

Twelve Hundred/V3

Thank you,

Antec Support Team