Figure1 120mm is installed at the rear as exhaust.

Figure2 140mm are installed at front as intake.


A: MOLEX, to power on fans connected.

B: Signal, to change the lights via the LED button on the I/O port

C: 4Pin Female, to connect with male header of other fans.

D: 4Pin Male, to connect with female header of other fans.


  1. Please make sure C (Figure 1) connects with one of the D (Figure 2-1).
  2. Connect C (Figure 2-1) with D (Figure 2-2), and leave C (Figure 2-2) on idle.
  3. Please make sure B (Figure 1) is connected to the LED switch of the I/O panel.
  4. Connect A (Figure 1) to power supply Molex header.
  5. Press the LED button on the I/O panel to switch the lighting modes.

※Warning: If only connect C and D (between Figure 2 fans) but don't connect with C (Figure 1), Figure 2 fans will not function.

※Warning: The fan kit doesn’t work in sync with the motherboard ARGB function.